Salt has been an essential part of cuisine all over the world since ancient times. it can be called King of spices due to its importance. As a Himalayan salt exporter, we supply the major item in various manufactured goods that are used in our daily life such as paper, paint, soap, and detergent, etc. Industrial salt is used in the manufacturing of Alkaline and Chlorine that is a further major item of the manufacturing Castaic soda. We are the Himalayan Salt exporter from Pakistan which is major used in the Dying industry and Deicing all over the world.

Granual Himalayan Salt

Sea Salt Powder

Refine Salt

Himalayan Salt

Rock Salt Lumps

Raw Sea Salt


Himalayum salt exporter brings this natural treasure from the mines to your table. Himalayun salt is the best salt for edible whereas sea salt. Its freshness and additional iodine keep your health maintenance. Its crystal and white grains show its purity and prove it as an international brand. Himalayan salt is packed in 1 ton, 50 kg, 1 kg, and 500-gram packaging for our valuable customers.

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