Granual Himalayan Salt

Granular Salt refers to salt that is in the form of small, granulated crystals. This type of salt is commonly
used in various applications, including cooking, food preservation, and water softening.
In culinary uses, Granular Salt is often preferred for its ease of handling and ability to dissolve quickly. It
is commonly used in recipes for baking and cooking where precise measurements are important. The
granules are typically small and uniform, allowing for more accurate control of the amount of salt added
to a dish.
In addition to culinary uses, Granular Salt is also used in water softeners. Water softeners are devices
that remove minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, from water, preventing the buildup of scale in
pipes and appliances. Granular salt is a common choice for regenerating the resin beads in water
softeners, as it dissolves easily and helps to maintain the efficiency of the softening process.
Overall, Granular Salt is a versatile product with various applications in both the kitchen and household

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